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Feb 24, 2015 12:43pm

I switched from an Android Phone to an an Iphone. On Android, I could adjust the volume of workout trainer relative to other audio running. I use Siriux XM while I work out and I was able to adjust the volume of the trainer relative to the volume of XM. I can't seem to do that with the Iphone app. Most of the time, XM is quite muted due to all the voice prompts in Workout trainer. The rare occasion Xm does go full volume it quickly fades in volume as workout trainer starts talking again. I'd rather have the opposite - XM loud and Workout Trainer quiet/muted.

Is there some way to adjust the volume of Workout Trainer relative to other apps on IOS.

02 Mar
Hi Brian, we recently updated some stuff and unfortunately the volume adjustment feature got removed. If you know what you're doing (in terms of what exercises you are doing) then you can turn on the Expert Audio Mode which doesn't give you exercise descriptions. We'll see what we can do to re-integrate this feature back into Workout Trainer. Thanks!