Exercising with a new tattoo!

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Jul 10, 2013 3:10pm
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So I just got a new tattoo on the top of my foot, 5 days ago. It's still hasn't scabbed over or anything, and I have been so scared to put on my running shoes! Is it safe to go for a run or should I wait a little longer?
10 Jul
I would say to put some a&d or whatever cream they gave u on it and then a band aid or paper towel or something over it. just as long as it doesn't get dry or infected it should be good. I have alot of tattoos so I know from experience lol good luck!
11 Jul
I think if u go running once it's not going to harm it. if you go running alot I wouldn't do it. I'd wait.
12 Jul
yeah, just wait a couple days. my tats healed up in 1 week
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Jul 11, 2013 7:06am
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Honestly, I'd wait a couple weeks. The rubbing from your shoes will irritate it. I have a tattoo on my shoulder, and I had to take a couple weeks off of judo. My uniform would rub against the tattoo and it will harm the healing process. This was advised from my tattoo artist.