I can't do squats properly. Need help !!!

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Dec 17, 2013 1:40pm
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Hey , can anyone help me. I have trouble doing squats, I mean I can hardly bend all the way parallel to the floor. Can anyone suggest me ways to improve my squat . Any help is appreciated.

17 Dec
I remember my x had a pesonal trainer that's how he teach my xgf if at home use a chair at gym the banch. Or if u go to mainland china or japan some washrooms they squat to go to washroom i nevere did that when i go to washroom n if u see at bus stops a lot of chinese ppl from mainland they squat wile waitting for the bus
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Dec 17, 2013 2:40pm
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Do wall situps first so dat u can go lower wid support...den try it without support...al de best

17 Dec
Thanks, I will definitely try that.
17 Dec
Yea wall sqauts will build and help form also and dead stop sqauts using a chair or bench will help to if u go to a gym use th leg press machine and leg extensions also with th wall sqauts and dead stop sqauts and ull b sqautin like a pro n no time
26 Dec
Just go as low as you can go before losing balance. You need to train the nervous system to stabilise, before being able to go lower, also try some self myofacial release for the legs before working out it could be that you're very tight and your body is unable to move as efficiently. But as the others have said chair squats help but rather than sit all the way down and unload all the force see if you can hold it just before sitting down.

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