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Feb 10, 2014 12:35am
via iOS
How can I edit a "community member" posted workout? I know how to edit the words, but how can I insert the correct photos?
13 Feb
Hi Marg, we don't allow user-uploaded photos at this time, however you can search exercises and add ones that have images/video so your workout is complete.
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Feb 11, 2014 4:27am
via Android

Why would you edit a community members workouts?? Esp. If there th ones paying to be able to create thm...seeing as only three created workouts are free .. thts sounds unethical and a little like stealing ..I'm sure the ones who created thm wouldn't be happy bout you changing them..if you want to create workouts why dnt you pay for a pro membership just like everyone else

13 Feb
Hi Hannah, all workouts are available for your customization (editing)! This is to allow folks to lengthen or shorten times on exercises, and to allow for eliminating exercises that might hurt pre-existing conditions or lingering injuries. We do provide only 3 created workouts, but if you like customizing, then you should upgrade to Pro :)
13 Feb
Dear skimble I am a pro member been one for sometime ...Are pro members workouts that they create allowed to be edited by others...how does tht work? I'm a little confused
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Feb 16, 2014 8:58am

Yeah, I was wondering about the photos myself.

Skimble has a LOT of exercises, but there are also a lot missing: Mini-squats (where you go halfway down, so it's more of a pulsing motion), Standing Angles (dumbbells in each hand, arms straight, start with them down, and raise them so they touch above your head), weighted circles, decline push-ups, push-ups with hands on a ball, donkey kicks, squat-kicks, leg swings over a chair, etc.

I just want to add my own phots in my iPad.

I don't care if they get posted on line, for others to see.

Skimble can have some vetting process, where they either aprove the image, or shoot their own guy/girl doing the same move. That's up to them.

I just want to have some images on my screen other then the two people drinking water, when I do a custom workout.

19 Feb
Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely see what we can do to add more video/images soon!