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Jan 22, 2015 12:26am
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I completed GURU KNOWS... And it says I burned 303 calories. I find that hard to believe since I barely broke a sweat. Does anyone know how accurate the calorie counting is on the workouts on here?
22 Jan
It's an estimate based on data you entered about yourself when you set up the app. Impossible to account for what you actually put into a workout but don't judge a without by whether or not you sweat, it's what you put into each movement and/or rep.
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Jan 22, 2015 7:24am
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Jan 22, 2015 7:59am
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I figured it was based on the time and the rating (ex, moderate) and MAYBE personal info like weight but all in all a very loose estimate & not accurate. There's no way it really could be.

I count calories I eat but not usually exercise calories.

Although you can kind of get an idea what you're burning if you study the different lists of calories burned activities online or in myfitnesspal.

If you want greater accuracy & less effort maybe look into one of those fitness trackers that attaches to you & monitors your vitals.

22 Jan
The only way you can get a somewhat accurate calorie count on yourself is by using a heart rate monitor while you work out. I have the Garmin. I am waiting for the fitbit pulse which is nowhere in stores because it is new and the only heart rate monitor that measures a continuous heart rate from your wrist. My garmin has a strap I have to put on around my chest to read my continuous heart rate during a workout.
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Jan 22, 2015 4:28pm
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Sweat doesn't neccesarely mean burn calories, sweat means your body is too warm so you need cool dónde and thats where you start sweating. Maybe you are in a cold enough enviroment so, even if you are workingout, your body isn't getting warm enough so you have to sweat, but you're burning calories.


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