Changing length of time on exercises

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Feb 14, 2015 10:43pm
via iOS
For some reason when I create a workout it won't let me change the length of time for each exercise. It comes up with the "h,m,s" but when I click on them it either doesn't do anything, or just jumps to a random time (don't fancy doing leg lifts for 59 minutes hahaha!)

Has anyone else had this problem or can help me out? It might be something I'm doing wrong.
15 Feb
I've not experienced that - do you create your workout online or directly in the app?
15 Feb
I do them in the app, I can't work out where I'm going wrong or if it's just a bug in the app
15 Feb
Do you use Android or Apple version? Maybe there's a difference. Just checked in my workouts: after choosing an exercise (name) it comes up with minutes and seconds, a plus above, a minus below and by clicking on the number you can choose freely any number given. Don't see any malfunction. Maybe clear cache, delete app and install the latest version?
15 Feb
I use the Apple version. When I go on it there aren't any plus or minus signs displayed, that's where my problem is! I'll try updating the app :) thanks for your help! Have a great day.
15 Feb
See, there's your problem in the first place: Apple is the root of all evil! :-) Good luck with re-installing! Have a great one too :-)