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Mar 7, 2015 1:28am
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Okay today for PT (JROTC) we did stations (station 1 squats, station 2 push-ups etc.) Now while doing them (or trying to lol) I struggled way more than I ever have, which confuses me because It's not like the first time I'm starting to work out. Is it my nutrition? Because I try not to eat much even though s health says 2290. I rarely have enough energy and struggle during the exercises. If it is indeed my diet then please recommend me what to take and when, thanks!

07 Mar
You might need to let your body rest, or just up your intake of healthy food.
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Mar 7, 2015 12:37pm
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Diet, sleep pattern, water intake or just over doing it to start with...

When you first start it takes time for your body to adjust..its changing inside, thats not an excuse to skip thou. Keep at it and your body will learn to cope.

Get a decent amount of sleep you heal in your sleep!

Water is so important for many reasons to list...just now its very important!

And diet...

You want to be eating enough calories to maintain your fat/weight level if your happy with them or slightly less if you want to lose fat/weight.

Around 2500kcals for a man is daily amount, around 2000kcals to loose more 3000kcals if you need to compensate for workouts to maintain you weight/fat levels.

Around 6 meals a day is recommended so spread them calories throughout the keeps your metabolism running and energy levels up.

Stick to good carbs and proteins..carbs are good...waste/sugar carbs are the bad ones..

Carbs = Fresh vegetables, cabage, carrots, brocalli, sprouts, butternut squash etc if yiu dont like veg try steaming them or sprinkle some flavouring on them chilli, peri peri etc
Proteins = lean chicken, Turkey and beef if you can find it Ostrich is like beef but around the same fat content as Turkey, cook covered as the low fat can dry the meat out.  Lamb is a very fatty meat, its calories ao will get burned but fat isnt good for your heart and doesn't give as much nutrition.