Hydration and protien

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Mar 8, 2015 11:17pm
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Ive heard of fruit infused water to lose wieght and to stay hydrated. Anyone else try this?

What about protien what do you guys use for protien andmaybr even preworkout

09 Mar
I love lemon water! Or cucumber water, mint and lemon, lemon lime, strawberry mint...can you tell I have an infuser water bottle? Lemon helps boost your metabolism as does mint and the others just taste good.
10 Mar
Drink 100 grams of protein daily and eat healthy, lean, lots of brown rice, fruits, and chicken...don't take preworkout out because it makes the gland that fuels your natural energy and aggression smaller, so does coffee, soda, and other high sugar high caffeinated drinks, if you cut all those out that gland will return to its natural normality