I have a Doubt..!

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Jul 24, 2015 7:24am
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okay i heard that if we do squats , thighs, claf raise it wl make thighs even bigger
and if i run (smetimes on toes) it wl increase the size of calves ...

""Avoid exercises such as squats, lunges, leg curls, stiff-legged deadlifts, leg extensions and calf raises, especially with heavy weights for now. They DO NOT slim thighs.

our cardio goal should be to burn fat without gaining much muscle mass in the thighs. To achieve this you need to avoid working the thigh muscles more than necessary."'

The above passage if wat i hve read... and its confusing.. u knw.. if i want slim thigh shouldn't i be exercising tat part mre along wit other exercises too...???

pls can anyone tell wat should i do..
to get slim legs... exercises tat wont increase calf size nor make thighs even bigger.!!!

24 Jul
Also i read that... # Avoid exercises that build too much resistance against your calves. and running... skipping rope.. calf raise..climbing stairs all come under resistance exercise whch wl.increase the calf size.. so whch exercises should i do exactly.?
24 Jul
Why do you want slim thighs? You already look slim. Anyway yes you can grow quads and hams by performing heavy resistance exercises like squats and lunges. But it takes a long time and your nutrition has to be on par with your training. I squat 205 and my legs are still pretty slim. Keep in mind you are a female, you DO NOT HAVE THE GENETIC MAKEUP TO GET BIG MUSCLES.
24 Jul
ohh.. okay.. soo if i do squats and running it wl help in sliming rite ? and not growing of even bigger muscles .
26 Jul
Exactly Saumya. Those cites you read can only come from a female site/magazine who know nothing about fitness and are more or less bu*******t. To lose it you need to get your muscles working so they also burn fat in rest. Once and for all: you won't grow big muscles as a girl unless you don't do heavy (and I mean heavy) lifting with specific nutrition over years. So go for it and see the results!
27 Jul
You're asking the wrong people. Lol. We all believe in muscle. Muscles=Strong=Sexy ;) Your questions are a little annoying.