Apple Watch and active calories

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Oct 8, 2015 8:20am
via iOS
Hey there! Just joined today and did a couple of workouts and was wondering about the integration with apple HealthKit. I have an Apple Watch that I use to track my active calories. When I did the two workouts today I started an "other" workout for the watch in order to capture the active calories burned more accurately. I really like this approach because it gives me a goal to stay active above and beyond simple step counting. Then I discovered that this app can write active calories data to Apple health.

My question is whether Apple health will double count my active calories if I run an "other" workout through the Apple Watch and allow this app to write data as well? Or does Apple health somehow recognize that they are from the same activity? Would it be better not to track the workouts I do in this app using the "other" tracker on the Apple Watch?

Would love to hear what people recommend, thanks!