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Apr 26, 2016 3:49am
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Dose meditation loosing up your body muscles or something?

Please tell me why there are there meditation sets after some workout rounds. What is the actual trick for this ?

Are they really needed ? :}

Apr 27, 2016 4:40am

well that is a very comprehensive question that cannot be answered in simple terms, Nathan. But in short,  running and cycling are yang activities, meditation, pranayama breathing, yin yoga are yin activities. you need both, yin and yang for your body and mind to be balanced. I  often practice pranayama breathing , which is meditative breathing to workouts to reinstall stillness of the mind. we tend to cope better with stressful environments, being school, work or traffic or whatnot, when in a calmer state of mind. as a martial artist  myself, yoga, meditative breathing and meditaiton are without doubt an essential part my training. so, regardless your circumstances, age, level of fitness, anyone can take a moment out the day and focus on inner calmness and a peaceful state of mind, and... being more aware of breathing patterns (which pranayama does) can also do wonders for stress relief. Yin Yoga also is a form of meditative yoga, not only do you restore the connective tissues but also will find it as a very peace instilling form of exercise. remember, your body needs balance to be in optimum condition, if you only focus on Yang, I guarantee you will experience quick burnout. I train 6-7 days a week with little  or no burnout despite a very hectic life. i attribute this to regular yin training. 

11 Feb
Note the firmness of your point of view, while remaining humble. It is evident that there has been a lot of determination in order to reach these conclusions. There are no right way, the same for everyone but, certainly, it's seems you're doing well your own way. Even w/o speaking, the physical today speaks for you. Ciao