Calories burned

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Feb 21, 2013 1:08pm
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Does the exercises state how many calories you have burned during the workout?

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Feb 21, 2013 2:29pm
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Yes, it does.

21 Feb
How can we see the burned calories?
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Feb 21, 2013 4:05pm
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If u wanna know how many calories u burning during a workout..first u have to go to your settings..then personal info..then update your age and weight.. :)
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Feb 21, 2013 4:12pm
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Ok. I have updated that info. So it will show after I do the workout or can I see it before starting. I would like to do the workouts that burn more calories.

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Mar 23, 2013 10:25am

i have just added my weight and height into my settings but is it possible for me to see how many calories i have burned from previous workouts?

04 Apr
I definitely want to know if this is possible also. :/