Stiff back..?

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May 8, 2013 2:43am
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I've been doing a bunch of stretches and alot more working out than I usually do. And the last two days my back his been tight feeling..? I was wondering if anyone knew why that is??? It doesn't hurt or anything. Just tight.

08 May
Is it your whole back? Or only one side/ part? And have you been wearing a belt more than usual? (They're bad for the back)
08 May
I don't wear belts. Aaand.. Or is the whole back. But a little bit more tight on my right side.
08 May
It may be that your glutes are tight, or you may have stretched one side more than the other, causing it to pull the other, making it stiff.
08 May
I think I did stretch more on one side.. Thanks!
08 May
No problem! Have a warm bath if you have time; it will majorally relax the muscles! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions about anything :)