What's ur workout routine ?

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Nov 21, 2013 2:53am
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Sit up, plank , mountain climbers, leg up and bicycle.

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Nov 21, 2013 12:04pm
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3 days of weight work and 1 day of stretching and cardio of choice.


Mainly focussing on big lifts in a kind of powerbodybuilding style.

Day 1 upperbody:
Bench press 4x5
Chest cable flyes 4x12
Deadlifts 3x10 plus 2x5
Bicep vs tricep supersets

Day2 lowerbody:
Squats 5x5 (sometimes 3x12)
Walking lunges 3x12 (each leg)
Legg press superset wide vs narrow 3x12
Side raises
Rear delt

Day3: cardio and stretches
Usually start with 15 slow warm up.
Stretches-> usually hips and lower body.
Cardio; this can be boxing, bodyweight thigs or sprints. Whatever i feel like.

Day4: upperbody
Barbel rows 4x8
Pull ups 3xmax
Chin up 1xmax
Incline chest press 3x12
Incline flyes
Bicep vs tricep supersets.

Its kind of a blueprint. Things change while being at the gym. But its kind of what im doing now. When feeling like it a 2nd legday is added. Once every 3 weeks orso sometimes instead of cardio.