My knee pain turn's to back pain.

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Nov 13, 2014 10:15am

I am 20 years old and I was a multi sport athlete in high school. I mainly focuses on football and hoops. From last 6 months, I began to experience a pain in both my knees and the pain was worsened in my right knee. When I spoke about this with my trainer, he said that, it was tendonitis and it would eventually get cured it by its own. Hence, I again began playing football and the pain sets off again. Then I went to a sports medicine clinic (Athletic Edge in Toronto). The doctor’s prognosis stated that I may have to encounter severe back pain in future. But, at that time I had a very slight back pain compared to my knee pain and I didn’t take it very serious. Recently, things began to change my back pain got worsened and I'm beginning to feel the need to get back to the doc. I amterribly confused now, how my knee pain leads to back pain?

13 Nov
They are connected from the spine I think cause my mom has a similar issue and everything her knee acts up her back hurts sometimes the reverse, occasionally for me it's the same problem, I think most likely as they us from the old injuries that's why we're experiencing the pain.
13 Nov
Issues with a disc in the back can cause referred pain to the knee or any portion of the lower extremity depending on what nerve or portion of a nerve maybe pinched