When's the best time to workout?

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Feb 20, 2015 7:42pm
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Quick Mountain Boy hello. I've always wondered when's the best time to workout, before you eat of after you eat? And when should i take protein shakes, and what's their side effects.

20 Feb
If u have something light snack b4 like a banana or protein bar . Heavy meals after cause u'll get hearburn . Protein shakes b4 or/ & after the one's with bcaa ( branch chain amino acids) are good after as they help put back the amino acids back that are lost when u exercise and that's why ur muscles ache because they are trying to repair themselves . It's called carbolism :-)
20 Feb
That was helpful. Thank you.
20 Feb
It's actually spelt catabolism :-)
20 Feb
I usually eat about an hour before I exercise ( I usually workout in the morning), then have a protein bar or some toast after.
26 Feb
I hate workouts after meals. I try to do it late morning before lunch. For some people that's not possible for work reasons. If I'm not free at that time it would be right before dinner. Then have a nice protein based meal. Grilled chicken...something like that.
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Feb 21, 2015 2:53pm
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For weight loss, in the morning. You shouldn't eat an hour before working out, because then your body will try to burn off what you just ate rather than burning body fat.