Abs Workout-level 3

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Feb 13, 2013 11:34am
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IF you want burning calorie and get six pack abs, INVITE you do the my abs workout that i've created today :) I'll be glad to know your opinion. GoOd LuCK :)
Abs Workout-Level 3

13 Feb
I'm down man. How do I see it
13 Feb
You can find it in my Created Workout or open the link
13 Feb
Okay I got it. I just started so I didn't know how lol. Ill try it and let you know how well it works.
28 Feb
Need to try it... thanks buddy
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Feb 13, 2013 7:52pm
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So glad this is considered intense because I couldn't make it all the way without resting or just slowing my pace in hope of making it through the exercise. First two exercises were the hardest and had me spent. It's mostly likly this reason the sides of my abs aren't feeling the same effect. Still as good as exercise you have for theses areas (bicycial crunches, etc) you might want add something focusing more on those areas. I am interest to know are there plans for a little brother version of this work because it really was good. Short and to the point like I workout should be.