Belly Fat :(

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Mar 12, 2013 1:43am
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what workout can i do to tighten up my belly?

12 Mar
sits up,
12 Mar
how many a day?
12 Mar
Planks are good for your lowers Abbs ; #tryit :) !!
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Mar 12, 2013 8:10am
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Try the autumn abs workout, it's a really good workout.  But don't overwork your abdominals as they need a day of rest from any workouts you perform. Working out your abs every other day works best.
12 Mar
I noticed doing an workouts 2 days in a row go like this.. day 1 awesome, day 2 Wtf, can I even count that?? :P so a day break makes sense
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Mar 12, 2013 9:52am
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To reduce belly fat the goal is going to be to activate your muscles to burn fat. Your body stores carbs and fats to use for energy later ( & suposably later your going to use them to create ATP lol) but since u dont use them to be turned into glucose or ATP it adds up to not look good so you need to activate as many muscles as pissible ie a full body curcuit training to consume fats and carbs for energy and another day for oxidative/ aerobic eg. A 5k jog or interval to consume fat stores that will give u the fastest results.

12 Mar
So what do u do then if you just want to reduce fat in ur BELLY and SIDES?? Like I don't have tons of fat in my belly, but I want the little fat there and at my sides to be gone so I can tone it up and get abs.. Help plz!
12 Mar
The best work out to lose fat around the waist is cardio/ aerobic during cardio your body used carb and fat stores to produce energy. the oxidative system is the only system that uses stores of fat to produce energy so the best way to lose weight is aerobic and cardio. muscle is Important 2 because muscle burns calories so you constantly burning fat I think its like 500 calories per pound of muscle a day. if you want any help designing a program I could help, just add me.

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