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Apr 15, 2013 12:54pm


I am getting closer but I really do want to make sure I get my abs as sharp as possible, what steps I must complete and what is best way to measure this?

I do exercise around 40 min each morning plus every 2-3 days I run 10-12K, I try to eat as healthy as I can but not always possible specially if I am in twon and don't have time to cook.

What is the ulitmate follow list to do?

1. Exercise

a) what type

b) how long

2. Food

a) what type

b) how ofen

c) how much

3 recovery

a) how frequently

b) how long

4 avoid


5 speed this process up

a) what to do in order go get results faster

b) what not do do ....

any ideas would be apreciated.

My main problem is that on my belly In the middle i have still too much fat and I want to burin it, by now my belly is flat, and you can see abs a little bit, when I contract it then they are appear nicly.