thigh gaps

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Aug 9, 2013 6:47pm
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I am 165cm and 50/51 kg What workout do I have to do to get the thigh gaps? I don't wan muscle around my legs
09 Aug
My sister in law runs 5 miles a day and her legs are very skinny. She lost a lot of weight over the past year and she doesn't do any other exercises. She has a thigh gap so maybe try that. Can I ask why you don't want muscles? Being toned is better than just being skinny in my opinion.
10 Aug
Thigh gaps are more to do with pelvis and hip structure than exercise and fat/muscle. Youre the same height as me and 10 kilos lighter than me so if you dont have a gap now I doubt ull ever have one without being clinically anorexic. You should research into the physical structure of the hip joints before u slip into an unhealthy mind set to try to get a gao. I have over come anorexia and i hate hate HATE this thigh gap phenomena for overtaking girls' minds. By the sounds of your height and weight you r already slight...