New, need help, come on you're an expert right?

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Jan 4, 2014 6:59pm
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I use to be size 22+ ive lost the weight i'm size 14 -16 now weighing 10 stone 7. I need to tighten up, im still a little loose any recommendations on exercises to help? Also my booty has always been tooooo big can't lose it so how can I control/tone it instead? Any help would be much appreciated xx

04 Jan
Cardio is going to help with weight loss. Running works, but a zumba.class may be more interesting :) exercises to tone are things like deadlifts, glute kickbacks, and squats (air squats are fine if you don't have access to a gym), but there are a bunch of workouts out there. Also, if you're eating junk food, try to cut down. I will also end by saying most people (including myself) are trying to do the opposite and gain what you have! Embrace those curves, girl!! And good luck with your fitness goals :)
04 Jan
Embracing my ass you say? Im about the only person who doesnt embrace it, I cut down on the junk food 2years ago how do you think I got from a size 24 to 14. Thanks for the advice all ive wanted in life is to be healthy, small, and toned. Got the healthy nearly at the small part nowhere near toned. Need to tone my stomach, arms and thighs I'll try what you said thanks xx :s