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Apr 22, 2015 8:25pm
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I need some advice for slimming and toning my arms. They're terrible and I desperately need to slim them and tone them but don't have weights. What are good exercises to help? I do push ups but it's not really helping in the area I need. I need to get rid of the fat on the back of my upper arms. I've always had bigger arms than most girls but after having my kids they seemed to get even bigger.

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Apr 24, 2015 2:55am
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Arms have always been my trouble area and I find incorporating a small light-medium arm circuit every time you work out is best. It will take a long time to maybe get where you want but I can truthfully say it will be effective in the long run. So don't give up! If you don't have access to weights or a gym, here is a great circuit using body weight moves: 

Controlled forward arm circles (30 secs)
Controlled backward arm circles (30 secs)
Controlled jumping jacks (30 secs)
Tricep dips (15)
Inverted rows (10)
Push ups (5)
Tricep kickbacks (15)
Chest presses (15)
Plank (30 secs)
Do this in order 2-3 times. If you're new to working your arms, take it slow and complete it as you feel comfortable. As you get stronger, maybe add reps to each exercise and try doing it with only 10 secs rest between each move. Good luck on your journey!