Help on tummy exercises.

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Apr 18, 2016 5:03pm
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Hello everyone,
Can someone suggest me best exercises for Tummy to be reduced... Tried few from skimble app and it helped but need some better one's

18 Apr
Mountain climbers. Rest on dumbbells. Push up position. Fingers forward. Bring knees forward one at a time. To a four count. Forward then back is one. Each forward and back movement is one. Alternate legs. Try for 15 or so per set. Which is 60. 30 per leg.
19 Apr
hello friend ,buy a skipping rope,attach a weighted wrist band ,do the basic skipping rope exercise you did in school for 30mins ....or count 50 per set....skip as much as you can ,you can jog on a up hill,jog walk down jog walk down .it will help reduce belly fat what you eat as well .good luck
19 Apr
thanks for your replies. I will try these