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Dec 17, 2014 6:40am
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Hey my name is Alex and I really need some help on making my muscles bigger :(

About me: I'm 20 and I'm 5'7 tall and I weight 58kg (129) I'm sportive I dj etc. I never have a legs day.

Problem: when I flex I see my muscle and they are very hard on the skin meaning there's like no fat on my arms..all I see is the muscle popping out and my triceps really popping out and the wave shape of my muscles...I need help on getting a week schedule of workouts and food to eat to make my muscle have space to grow in because I just feel it like it doesn't have to grow anymore. I eat a lot sometimes and sometimes 1 meal a day... but when I say I eat a lot sometimes I mean I would be craving subway and I would go and can eat 2 footlongs chicken terryiaki sandwiches withhen 20 minutes if conversation with someone ... I don't like some kind of meets but ya every time after clubs or when I'm out and I go to mcdonalds I always buy never less than 4 junior chickens or mcdoubles for myself....I still don't get fat tho and I'm not trying to but I want someone to help me develop bigger arms. Idc if I get fat îl lose it after but I need space for my muscles to grow in atm. I would like someone to dm me or post some websites for me to look into I really need help... oh also on more thing...why when I do chest when I do bench press I can only do max 25 ' s on each side mostly I start with 10 for first set 15 for second and third set and for last one 25 and I can only do 1 or nun unless that 45 (bar)+25+25= 95 ..but if I go to the machine one for chest and I go push up on that I can do 100 about 5 of them with no help ... I want a chest and my arms any help is appreciated and thanks to those who took their time to read all this if you have gone this far. Hope someone can help me ..I go to gym everyday in the week ( p.s I started today drinking milk with my meals instead of juice cuz I heard it helps my body and also I need 1oz of water per kg so I need 1700ml of water a day )

20 Jan
I hear u man u have quite the same story i think u need a diet more than exersize i am taking boiled eggs and potatoes and milk daily and working out daily on a particular muscle with max weight i can pull and i seem to be getting some where
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Dec 17, 2014 7:06am
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Dec 17, 2014 7:29am
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Am Boscandrinho and am going to help you
1 . reduce much in take of fats so that your muscles stay neutral or grow much
2.Do much physical exercise to make your body fit,energetic and active
3. Get a well balanced meal but much of protein, carbohydrate,minerals and water,fruits and vegetables

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Dec 17, 2014 1:07pm
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Train less often and only do heavy weights. Maybe train 3-4 days a week max and don't train for more than an hour at a time. Maybe try some supplements, creatine was good for me. I found Maximuscle was the best, expensive but very effective. It also might be that you have an over active thyroid. Get your doc to test for it.

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Jan 20, 2015 5:32pm
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Just saw this while browsing some topics. I've read something about the 24-50 principle. It's an online article entitled "The Set-Rep Bible" writen by Chad Waterbury. This guide plus a good diet plan might help.

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Jan 20, 2015 9:27pm

Alex, it does not appear that you need help with the working out. The only thing I can suggest from that is to go HEAAAAVY. That is what you need to get bigger. You should be only doing it like 3 days a week. I do my 5x5 workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In between I do a little extra credit and add abs. I think your issue is eating. Your eating is not helping you they way you are doing it. You can't not eat one day and then pig out another hoping to make gains. You should be eating around 6 times a day (everyday) for you to get the growth you are looking for. But like Boscandrinho said... stay away from the saturated fats and concentrate on good fat, protien and carbs. Make sure you eat all of your meals and your snacks like nuts and etc. Nothing happens overnight so you have to stick with eating consistantly. Plenty of water and sleep also. Muscle loves to heal when you are resting. You may want to add a weight gain shake to the mix which will suppliment your muscles AND give you the extra calories you need. Forget about McDonalds... it's trash food. Unfortunately you will have to prepare your meals everyday. It is a life style and a commitment but once you do it enough you get used to it. So bottom line for you is... eat your 6 meals (small) and not all your meals in one sitting. Also do your workouts. Heavy lifting strength training. checkout The 5x5 (full body) workout has also been created in Skimble so you can find it there but I think you are craving info and Mehdi does a great job on his site. Stay strong bro. get angry, get intense and tell your body what it is going to do. Not the other way around. Whatever you choose to do... make... sure.. you... keep... eating (HEALTHY)! Good luck!

20 Jan
On top of the above you should get an app to track your caloric intake and make sure that you go 400 to 500 cals over your sustain. The 'myfitnesspal' app is one of the best trackers. You can even scan (barcodes) your food in if it is available on the packaging it came in.