Too tired to work out after work, help me!

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Jun 19, 2013 8:41pm
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Hey, my name is Emily, I'm 20 and I'm a barista at Starbucks! Before I started there I would go running almost everyday and I did a lot to stay fit. Since then, I've been too unmotivated to work out because of the same reasons:
1. It's too late in the day to go run or work out and it'll be dark soon
2. I got up for work at 3am and got off work before noon so even though its a great time to do it, I just want to go home and sleep
3. It's too dark outside to work out before my shift, and there's the possibility of me being late because I had to take extra time to get ready
4. I'm SOOO tired on my days off that even though I want to work out, I just don't have the energy.
5. Something comes up during the time I would have worked out

My biggest issues are finding motivation to work out when it IS a good time and figuring out how to work out around my work schedule. I would set a specific time regularly just to work out, but I never know what my work schedule for the week will be and there's no regularity to the scheduling.

If I could get some help figuring out some methods of getting that work out in even when I'm too tired, I would appreciate it so much. I've lost all tone I had before and have gotten...blobby. I'm 5'4 and I've maintained at 125-127 for the past month although I'd like to be back down to 115. I'm taking adderall for my ADD, so maybe part of my energy crash after work is tied with that? Should I be taking more vitamins to give me a longer lasting boost through the work day? I try not to eat carbs and sugars since they're not lasting in the system, so I've been trying to base my diet on high protein and fiber foods. I just want to get rid of the flabbiness I've gotten that makes me uncomfortable and grosses me out. Gahh. HELP!!
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Jun 19, 2013 9:03pm
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Oh yea I know what u mean.
After busy work u comes home and feels not motivation to keeps active - right?!

That's no problem Emily! Really!  The only problem is: U have more reasons to do nothing than against!! Come on girl!
Cycle to work, and do short workouts (e.g. 10-15 min), but daily!!! 
U hit it! I know and beginn it today!here's a start for u: Get Sexpack Fast!!!!!!!
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Jun 20, 2013 4:39am
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Leslie Sansone has a great walking program. 15 min 1 mile walk. One mile in the morning & you are done.
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Jun 20, 2013 3:26pm
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I work 12 hour shifts, and when I get home it's time to help hubby get the kids ready for bed, and for me to try and eat dinner. Best thing for me to get in the habit was to join a 30 day challenge on here. I really wanted to finish that, so I would knock it out when I got home, and usually once I got started, I would do even more. Even on days off, I sometimes just have to literally drag myself off the couch and get started. Then I am pimped to keep going. Scheduling helps too, helps me to not put it off. If I say I'm gonna workout before dinner, I just have to stick to it, even if I don't feel like it =) getting going is the hardest for me. Good luck!
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Leslie Sansome has a 15 min. 1 mile walk. Try to do it before you go to work. This might help. It helps me.