What would be good to tone my legs?

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Jul 6, 2013 1:27pm
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My legs are quite large and I would like to slim them down pretty quickly. I'm not looking for some miracle quick fix. I am willing to put in the work. My calves are huge and my thighs definitely need some slimming too. And weight loss doesn't really cause them to shrink at all because ive lost fifteen pounds :D (130 down to 115!) and now my legs look disproportionate. I have muscle from dance but its bulky and covered by fat. Please help! How can I slim and tone my legs ? :)
06 Jul
Do u ever do spirts? Will help them get cut. U can also do barbell squats,alternate lunges,leg extensions. Do them back to back 4x12-15 reps. For your hams lying leg curls 4x12, an do seated calf rasies 1x50 to 100reps. Give this a try hope this helps u good luck.