Help,advice,and a challenge!

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Jul 8, 2013 7:14am
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Hello!My name is Delilah and I'm and average American teenager!Someone who wants flawless skin and a FLAT stomach!I bet most of you can relate.In this..comment or whatever you want to call it I'm going to give you some small advice and help to tone up to the dream body of yours!
•Little fun things to do•
-Play a game like Zumba or Just dance with your friends!Its a fun way to lose get your heart pumping.
-Jump on a trampoline.I can do it all day!xD
-Swim!Its a easy way to beat the heat and lose a few,also!
-Make yourself a daily planner of workouts!Stay committed!!
-Girls!I suggest wearing a sports bra and yoga pants when working out!
-Dont skip the breakfast!You need it to give you a jump start!

For the rest of the month of July,you must do -100 Jumping Jacks
-100 Sit ups
-100 mountain climbers
-100 crunches.
Daily(If you can)!Guys I know you can do it!Im in if you guys are!I know ALL of you can do it!

Best of luck!

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Jul 8, 2013 10:57am
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I'm in!! Sounds fun (: