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Jul 10, 2013 7:03pm
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Its summer time and i have nothing to do so i decide to get abs. Im actuve and i do like sports, workout, im slim but i dont have abs. So, give me some advice how to get cool abs. What is the best workouts and should i choose food that im eating?

10 Jul
Go to Trust me it works. My sis has done it for two months and is already forming her abs!
11 Jul
Ok, im gonna do that :-)
Jul 10, 2013 9:51pm
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I go by the quote: "Abs are made in the gym and shown in the kitchen", meaning without eating healthy, the abs you work hard to get won't be shown underneath a layer of fat. So make sure you stay away from the sugary products and focus your meals on vegetables, fruits, lean meats, water, dairy, and whole-grain carbs.

To get abs, you must work the three areas:

1. Upper Abs
The top part of your stomach

2. Lower Abs
The area below your upper abs

3. Obliques 
The dreaded "muffin top" area 

Also include a cardio routine before each workout. You can focus on one area of your abs each day or you can push hard and work all three in one day, it's up to you. Sometimes I even do a tabata routine, meaning a workout consisting of both cardio and toning moves. Whatever you prefer. 

Hope I helped! 
11 Jul
Thanks a lot :-)