Need to lose weight but having trouble...

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Jul 21, 2013 12:46pm
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I think my metabolism is not working right...also, I have injured my knees so it's hard for me to work on working out. I'm 41 and it feels like my life is over...young people don't know I used to look like them. I use the nutribullet for smoothies and protein shakes...but not a pound will come off...maybe I need to be more patient? At least I bicycle every day for forty-five minutes or so...please help anyone.

21 Jul
Have you ever heard of dukan diet? I was 75 kg and it felt like my life was over too. In 4 months i lost 20 kg and it was a huge success to me :) All i had ti do was jogging for 30 minutes and some easy workouts. It really helped me. Just a suggestion.
21 Jul
I recommend you to do 6 food per day, to accelerate your metabolism. When I say 6 food it means small plates, maybe 2 of them can be shakes or juices. Now you are 41 and your metabolism is more slow. You have to be patient. At last, you have to do 1-2h of cardiovascular exercises, like walk or cycling. I hope I help you! :) go for it
21 Jul
Thank you, you guys! I will definitely try your suggestions. I will set to work on it right away.
21 Jul
I am taking macca root, African mango, and a host of others...nothing seems to be working...
21 Jul
Try the Dukan diet like Inga M suggested it really works, you will see results within a week!