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Jul 29, 2013 12:25am
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I need motivation really bad. Today was the worst day ever. I worked out and then I totally ruined it by going and eating tons of food. What do you guys do to keep yourself motivated?

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Jul 29, 2013 12:36am

I guess I should not have hit the like button on that one lol dang I have done that but not in along time. I guess I have measured my food now for a couple months so I automatically watch what I eat. Motivation the only thing that keeps me going is watching everyone on here post their workouts and you know they feel good when they are doing it

i know I feel great after I get done and post it. Even the days when I get off work dog tired I make myself workout and I feel so much better when I am done. I do log all my food on my site Lose It which helps me alot since I really watch my sodium In take. I had no idea I was eating so much sodium in a day. The recommended is 1500 mg Somedays I would have close to 5000 Yikes! 

Anyway didn't mean to rattle on, Don't beat yourself up over what you did is the key, we are all human and we all have our days. If you follow a good regimen of workouts and eating habits feel good about yourself because your body is smiling at you for it. Tomorrow is a new day to get back on track. Hope you have a Fabuweed week.

29 Jul
Thank you.
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Jul 29, 2013 2:25am

I was going to add, I make a protein drink about 30 minutes after I workout anthemes to fill me up which really helps, and your welcome.