From Couch to Marathon in 10 Months

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Aug 9, 2013 8:16pm
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I've signed up for a marathon in May 2014. I need your help guys. Buddies, tips, support, ...anything you can to literally kick me off my backside. I have 0 miles clocked so far on the race track. My mind is ready but my body isn't. The point of this challenge for me is to break myself.

09 Aug
I used to be a distance runner and what i found to work the most was endurance training. Since you're starting out you don't need to be working on your time, you need to focus on building endurance. Do cardio every workout but be careful not to over train you don't want to injure yourself before a marathon. I hope my advice is helpful and congrats on the big decision. I believe you can get there(:
09 Aug
Many thanks Marie. Your advice surely does help and thanks for the encouragement. In your opinion, how often would i need train? Sorry to bother you. :)
09 Aug
*to train*
09 Aug
First of all ten months is a totally do-able timeframe. Running 5 days a week is pretty good. For awesome endurance training be sure to include a 1 hour sprint/interval workout once a week (that should be followed by an easy day or a rest day). also every two or three weeks gradually add 1-2 miles to your running routine. Also it might be a good idea to do a half marathon at your 5 month mark just to check your progress. And Don't be afraid to do hills
10 Aug
Thank you so much. I shall surely work with this. I'm now almost 2 weeks short of the 10 months :-)