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Aug 18, 2013 7:02pm
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Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah, I'm 24 years old and I am wanting to lose 30 pounds. In my profile pic, the me on the left is from 2 years ago and the picture on the right is a pic of me from June. This is the heaviest I've ever been and I'm struggling with a lot of insecurity over it.

But I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I want to actually CHANGE my situation. Apart from wanting more energy and to be in better health, I also want to lose the weight because I'm getting married in November!

And I wasn't too happy with how I looked in my engagement photos. I'm not sure I can lose 30 pounds by November but I know I can at least lose 20 which no matter what will be a huge accomplishment :-)

So I know that weight training is one of the best ways to tone and lose weight. I know I need to work on different areas different days like chest, back, abs, arms, legs. But my question is.. everyday should I be also doing cardio and for how long?

I should also mention I have a healing sprained ankle that I still can't walk on for long so I can't run or walk as a cardio.. does anyone else know of any good alternatives while healing from an injury?

Alright well I'll be starting my first work out today and any and all help will be greatly appreciated!! :-)

18 Aug
Idk if u can use a stationary bike or not for cardio with your ankle the way it is but I would start with that since you wouldnt have your body weight on your ankle and still get your heart rate up and see if there's any pain or not. If there is pain tho u should stop and let it heal properly first.... in the long run it will be better for you.
18 Aug
Good advice from Crixus B. You have made the toughest step by deciding tp lose weight. Your ankle won't stop you from eating a more healthy diet. Cut down on carbs, cookies, candy, fried food. I am sure you know the foods that are bad for you. Eat fresh vegetables, salad, chicken, fish. Experiment with herbs, spices, garlic and other natural flavourings tp make your food
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Aug 19, 2013 2:29am
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You could do many cardio workouts by lying down(elbow plank is a great example). You'll have to figure out which exercise doesn't puts pressure on your ankle. Avail as much time as you can throughout the day(start gradually though). Limit your resting day to just one. Eat healthy!