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Aug 28, 2013 8:15am
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What are some good workouts to help pass or score higher on the apft (army physical fitness test).

28 Aug
Run! And run some more...
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Aug 28, 2013 11:16am
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To improve mine I focused mainly on the events that took place during the APFT. I would do weighted sit ups and weighted or deep push ups, throw in some bench work and for running I would have 1 long run, 1 two mile run and a few sessions of sprints thrown in there through the week, every week. Every week make it alittle more intense by adding alittle more weight and alittle more time/speed to your runs. Adjust workouts as needed.
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Aug 28, 2013 1:30pm
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I found working pushups, situps, running three times a week works great. Here's my schedule:

Monday: Timed two mile run
Pushups/pullups- 5 rounds of 25 pushups and 5 to 10 pullups alternating between the two. No breaks. Then 50 situps, 50 flutterkicks, and 50 frog kicks

Tuesday: TRX upperbody workout with core development
Short distance ruck 3 to 4 miles timed

Wednesday: sprints 400x4
Pushups- 1 min timed rounds with 1 min breaks in between (3 rounds).
Pullups- same as pushups except 30 secs instead of 1 min
Situps- same as Monday

Thursday: long distance run (4 miles) moderate pace
TRX lowerbody workout with lower back development

Friday: no cardio
Pushup/situp- 50 pushups then 50 situps 3 times
Pullups- pyramid: 10 to 1 not timed, just break when needed

Saturday: long distance ruck, 6 to 10 miles timed

Sunday: rest

I hope this helps. It does for me since I've been maxing the apft for years using this. Dont forget to warmup beforehand, cooldown/stretch afterwards, drink lots of water, and eat right.

I only do this about two months out from the apft.