Not motivated?

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Aug 30, 2013 3:57am
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I'm trying to get huge but its hard to when your not motivated. Lets motivate each other so that we can reach our fitness goals (:

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Aug 30, 2013 6:14am
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God has made you whole complete and lacking nothing! You are a perfect creation :) there could never be a better you than you! You are what God says you are, DVDs your strong and enduring.

30 Aug
Lol some how the word DVD got in there.i did not mean to put that there
30 Aug
Lol I try my best to stay motivated
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Aug 30, 2013 2:41pm
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I am hearing you loud and clear.  Sounds like my own voice Sometimes.
To Be Motivated You Must Have A Goal. A Realistic Short Term Goal With A Long Term One In Mind. Do Your Workouts For The Right Reasons.
I'll Be Happy To train With You As I Am Also A First Timer To This App.
What Type Of Training Do You Do?

30 Aug
I mostly do weight lifting
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Aug 31, 2013 12:51pm

I mainly use resistance bands.

31 Aug
I use those too. Mostly to strengthen my shoulder so I don't hurt it again bench pressing
Sep 1, 2013 4:21am
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I know the feeling! I'm trying to lose my tummy. I'm only 100lbs but I've quite a belly. It gets bloated very easily. I currently have a 27 inch waist which is too big for my size but I can't seem to find the motivation to do my exercise! I'm not sure why my tummy is like this but I really want to get it down. I get bloated very easily so I'm not sure if maybe it's because I need to build up my metabolism. I'm only in my early 20's so this is a real problem for me. I'm just not sure exactly how to go about it cuz I wanna lose my belly fat but not body fat ( which I barely have as is)
01 Sep
Its hard to stay motivated. Find what makes you happy and let that motivate you.
01 Sep
I am posting a reply above just for you.
01 Sep
Food makes me happy LOL
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Sep 1, 2013 4:52am
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How long has this been going on for? Has something changed in your life or are you bummed your not seeing the results from your efforts? 
Do you do any cardio?
 Set some type of personal goal for your self. And do it!  Try Planking it's rider than it looks ( 2 min bent arm for starters)
 BRAG, BRAG ! about your progress seriously, you are working hard to get and keep what you got! you didnt buy your arms or chest. YOU MADE THEM LOOK LIKE THAT!! You did it!!
I don't do weights wish I had the time honestly. I only have an hour of me time in the morning (4:30-5:30am).
 I have too much motivation, my hubby thinks I am doing to much and it pisses me off. It really does. I'm in the best shap of my life @43 and he wants me to stop!  I tell him your just mad because your not doing anything. can you say JEALOUS! 
My moto--- " Only you can change you!"
Here to help KIK me if you need motivation! 
01 Sep
Planking is fun (: and of you want to workout then workout don't let him stop you (:
01 Sep
I do cardio but mostly weightlifting.
01 Sep
About being a woman in her best shape at 43 - men have a hard time understanding how that feels. ; ) It is so easy to be a man!
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Sep 1, 2013 5:01pm
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Sorry for the interruption, but I have something to say to Crystal-Gayle to motivate her. So, if Crystal-Gayle's particular situation isn't of interest to you, please do skip this post. Hi Shaun! 

Whoa, Crystal-Gayle! You have the same problems I have! I am underweight but I have a tummy to lose. It looks like a metabolism problem for sure. I am not exactly what you would call regular...

Don't go thinking you don't have excess body fat! If you have it on your tummy, you have it everywhere. You just can't see it because other parts of your body are probably in better shape than your tummy and the muscle shows through the fat. I know my butt is soft... Your body mass index is probably messed up - too much fat, not enough muscle. This is what needs to be corrected.

So, part of your body weight is fat. You need to burn the fat, but then you will lose weight, which isn't what you want. My plan is to lose the fat through working out while adding calories to my diet through proteins to counter the weight loss and build muscle to replace the fat. I am also thinking of finding some way to flush toxins from my system. If my metabolism caused fat to build up, there are most likely other yucky things in there holding me down. Nothing aggressive, though - for now, it is just a yogurt a day to keep traffic moving.

But first things first. I am in the process of getting used to working out, which is already a big change. I am doing it to get fit, nothing more, so that I am able to do the moderate workouts when it comes to that. The body building (yup, that's what it is called) will only come later, once I am stronger. However, it might happen on its own, and then, I have to be ready. If I do start losing weight quickly, I will need to counter that with proteins, so I am researching what proteins I need to build muscle. I am still researching workouts as well, something that doesn't have me burn too many calories at once but gets my entire body in shape, and is fun too. I might have to make my own blend...

I also want to eventually gain weight because I have always been underweight. So, ultimately, it looks like hardcore bodybuilding with strength training and weights, except that I am not doing it for show, and thus, my regimen will be much more relax. I do want to keep looking like a woman!

So, don't focus on your tummy for now, if that's what you have been doing. You have to lose fat through cardio and make sure to compensate for the lost calories by having the same amount of calories through protein.
Sep 1, 2013 11:59pm
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I heard food with high protein is good for that- like tuna and chicken breast, other fish stuff and nuts! I probably do that and start
Makin protein shakes. I know whey protein (I think) is good for this? Can someone confirm? I really wanna lose my tummy and have 'good fat' on my body I'm only 100lbs at 4'10" so I'm a little underweight as I should be 105-110. I'm not sure what's going on. How do you build high metabolism? Through exercise? 
02 Sep
Exercise helps, but I have had the best results with yogurt as far as regularity is concerned. Just one a day keeps the bottlenecks away! :D However, I don't think metabolism is about speed. I feel like my body doesn't take the fuel out of the food I eat and that the nutrients end up down the drain, except for fat.

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