New here and would like to know a good exercise to start with

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Aug 30, 2013 8:13pm
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I'm not exactly able to go to the gym or anything like that because of school and work but I do have some time at home roughly about 30 mins to an hour. What sort of things could I do to drop weight pretty fast? I played football in high school and I was in really good shape but after high school I got so busy I had no time to workout anymore. Any tips? Eatong, exercise and snacks?

30 Aug
I try to dance with my gf's little brother on his dance game but he doesn't like to play it anymore and I feel strange dancing by myself haha. But for sure I'm gonna get some fruits and vegetables to snack on. Thanks for the advice!
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Aug 30, 2013 8:22pm
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Followed the exercise

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Aug 30, 2013 8:42pm
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The problem with fat is that it usually comes from the food you have been eating. It is nice to work out to burn the fat, but if the fat keeps coming back, you will not see the use of working out. I think in cases like yours, it is best to first evaluate what you have been eating and how close that is to what you should be eating.

I monitor my calories and nutrients (I am underweight but I do have little handles, so I have obviously not been eating the right stuff). Since I have been using MyFitnessPal (iOS), I have figured out where the problems are coming from. Despite believing that I eat healthy stuff (I do, compared to most people), it turns out I am doing a few things very wrong. Part of the calories I absorb that should come from carbs come from fat instead (my protein levels have always been just right). So, I have been replacing certain foods with other foods. I am quite happy, as it turns out that potatoes are the way to go for me, and I totally lurve potatoes. Who would have known, right? All this to say don't be afraid of mixing things up with nutrition, it doesn't mean you'll be stuck forcing yourself to eat stuff you don't like.

And then, work out. I so far find that it is an excellent approach. The workout takes care of my shape, but it is the nutrition that helps to keep that on track. Obviously, the more you work out, the more calories you will need, which is great news for me as my greatest pleasure in life is stuffing myself.

I think that after you have taken steps to a better nutrition, you should look for short cardio workouts (in the 10-minute range) you can do every day multiple times a day that will get you in a shape that will allow you to move on to longer, more targeted workouts. If you haven't been working out, it will be hard to finish workouts that last half an hour or more (speaking from personal experience). Cardio is key and body weight workouts will give you the necessary endurance to zoom into your ultimate workout.

Obviously, if you can jog to the store instead of walking (or even worse, driving), that will help, and so will climbing the stairs instead of standing on them waiting to be hauled up. But this is pretty obvious and I am sure you have already been doing this.

To sum it up, you might want to look into your nutrition first, then do short general cardio workouts several times a day. By the time you feel good about that, you will just know what kind of workout you need next. You will just know!

All the best!
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Aug 30, 2013 8:48pm
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Oh, and if you would like to dive in in the mean time, I find that Melting Le Fat Away is a great general purpose workout that doesn't take too long. I don't think you need to have extra fat for it to be beneficial either.

Also, always snack on nothing but fruit and raw vegetables. Snacks are the culprit in calorie and fat overdoses, so think unprocessed bounty of Mother Earth. You can never go wrong with that, and don't believe the naysayers who want you to believe that the sugar in fruits is bad for you. The real enemy is added sugar. So, snack away!
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Aug 30, 2013 8:51pm
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Oh, and go out and dance. Get a Wii, get the Just Dance games, learn the steps, and then go out and dance. Even alone if you have to, and even if you are not planning on meeting ladies. Dancing alone in a club can be a blast!

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