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Sep 4, 2013 1:06am
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Had a baby three months ago and need to lose the 30 extra pounds I gained. Problem is I lack the motivation and time. Need tips!!!

04 Sep
Do excersizes with bub, light sit ups witj bub on ur knees, push ups with bub under you face to face, my babies always giggled at that one, put on your favourite music and dance around bub making thise silly noises only us mums can make lol and put bub in a pram and walk. Motication is quality time playing/exersizing eith your bub and pull out your fave jesns that don't fit and dance your way into them. Exersize does not have to be military to work. Just get up, move, dance smile and enjoy your baby, he/she won't be...
04 Sep
Yuk my phone hates me! hope you can read what i wrote before :)
04 Sep
I understood perfectly :) thank you. My boyfriend has been trying to get me to do the workouts he did when he was in the marines but I don't have time to do 100 sit ups in one sitting or go for a 5 mile run. Goodness I think I'd die from just one mile! Its been years since I went running
04 Sep
You should not be doing 100 sit ups when it's only been 3 months since bub was born anyway. You need to start sb work at a much lower pace, say 3 sets of ten reps with a 5-10 second break between sets. Try laying bub on a blanket put music on and just dance, have fun, try an hour in the morning and again ib the afternoon, do the set reps above for sit ups till your tummy muscles get stronger and return to normal. Just remember, if you are moving you are loosing :)