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Sep 9, 2013 1:04am
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If anyone plays soccer or has played soccer please comment.

I'm 15 and want to try out for my school soccer team. Starting out I'm better then most people but have a lot to work on. The season is going on right now so next fall I wanna try out and make JV A (I'll be a junior). I really need to work on ball control and accuracy. But I also really need to get in shape to sprint and have more stamina. Any ideas or suggestions would be so helpful.
09 Sep
Just running all the time and maybe try to train with any friend passing the ball constantly, good luck.
09 Sep
Ok so for ball control and stamina. Ballcontrol: juggling, hit the ball against a wall control and hit, as you progress hit the ball harder and on return just volley it. For stamina start of running atleast 1.5km for warmup. Place bricks or cones 1foot apart (like 7) and zig zag with the ball this is good for ball control as well. Train your upper body as well, push ups,pull ups,weight lifting depends on what position you are playing as well though. These are the basics