Will This work?!?!?!? PLEASE HELP.

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Sep 18, 2013 4:40am


I am sorta new to skimble and I wanted to post to make sure i get the most from this app. I have had a rough time loosing my gut several years in a row and I could not afford to pay for cross fit so please please comment so I am on the right path. Im sure everyone can also use the info too.

Me:  young Male- Weight 165 lbs- Muscles are hidden under fat - I have bad eating habbits with restaurant takeout- Drink alcohol and not a big sweets eater- GOAL is to loose all belly fat and tone up everything.

Current Belief:

1. Eating high protein foods will reduce fat. No Fried foods whatsoever and more salads. Chips are my favorite food so I will only eat tortilla chips as my only vice.

2. Drinking about 60oz of water per day

3. Eating Diet of 1500 calories per day or around that

4. Not depriving myself of special event food but never eat fried food

5. Fat Free foods help and also sugar free drinks

6. Eat Less Dairy foods because can slow metabolism

Workout Pattern:

6. Do workouts that are high intensity circuit based

7. Completed workouts: Military Meyhem circuit 20min, Lose It! 27min, Peck Blaster 19min, The Roaring twenties 20min, Muscle Memory 35min

8. Will Workouts above work for me with a 10-15 minute warm up on cardio machine to be able to loose 1-2 lbs of fat per week. Do I need longer workouts? Do I need more Gym based workouts with weights? Do I need more cardio?

9. Currently I have trouble finishing some of the listed workouts but I am getting better on them quickly. Should I be doing other workouts, if so please list. Should I buy some workouts that are through Skimble? - VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE COMMENT

10. Four Workouts per week with current plan.

11. To see better results on short term plan do Hard workouts but I may burn out.

I would like to workout for a full year without burning myself out and maintaining a decently healthy eating habbit without feeling deprived of not eating foods I like from time to time. According to the Crossfit guys i met with, they informed me that when you do crossfit you can almost eat anything because your body burns so many calories. I cant afford that and I also do not want to burn myself out completley and fall off the horse with crossfit. I have gone extreame before where it worked well for me running 5 days a week and eating 1000 calories, within a month I was in shape but I fell off the horse real quick. I hope people will comment and help me so I can finally get my fitness under control and get rid of my gut!


Mark- Surfer592

18 Sep
Mark, I just read your post. I'll try to respond when I get a few minutes.
18 Sep
Oh, also ... What is your height?
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Sep 18, 2013 5:16pm
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I've never actually had to lose weight but in terms of toning up: as far as I can remember, you seem to be doing the right things. Most of the high intensity workouts you listed are quite long. So if you have never done any serious weight training, it's reasonable to struggle to finish. If you're finding it discouraging, then try finishing a 10 or 15 minute workout and build up to half hour ones.

As far as I know, high protein diets are for people who want to put on serious muscle. Which means you may see a weight gain at the start. However, if you're getting fitter (lasting longer while working out, feeling stronger, visibly slimming down etc - last one will probably take 2,3 weeks) then the number on the scale is unimportant.

In terms of calorie intake, that depends on the amount of kcal you burn. 1800 kcal seems a bit too small, if you are burning 500 kcal per workout (just took a stab in the dark for that number) although without knowing all your stats and old eating habits, it is hard to be definite. If you're not eating enough now, while doing all the physical exercise, you may just have a lot of fat piling on when you lower your exercise levels.

Hope this helps!

19 Sep
Yes this does! I need to eat more to keep my metabolism up. That also makes sense about the intensity and why I'm not able to finish them
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Sep 18, 2013 5:23pm
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Can i suggest a app called myfitnesspal combined with this app n ur gonna get results fast!

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Sep 21, 2013 2:31pm
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I agree by adding my fitness pal and being accountable for intake makes every workout more productive and you will get to your goal faster because your apps are always with you.