New Here -Please Motivate

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Sep 25, 2013 3:10am
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Hey Gals & are u all doing..
171 lbs weight
26 yrs
5 feet 10 inch
My goal is to have below 148 lbs and a well toned body
.I am yet to start any exercises..I havent done any in all these years :(
What to start..
Need the guidance & advice of all of you.
I lack Motivation very much..:( (please motivate
Thankuu All and have a great day..
Regds Joe

25 Sep
I got some workouts in my profile that are good intense workout. That will leave you in a puddle......( does me anyways ) try some of those as far as motivation goes...whatever reason you decided to start up again lock on to that and focus, true motivation comes for you.....all we can do is encourage you. Now GET UP! GET AT IT!
25 Sep
Comes from you not for you....sorry
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Sep 27, 2013 2:28pm
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Hi matt..thankyou..I tried looking at your workouts but unable to view them coz u have a private profile. .wat to do
..ur reply was very motivating indeed.

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Sep 27, 2013 3:13pm
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Hi Joseph,
Welcome to the fold!
What is you current fitness level (you've said no exercise but it's a bit vague about if it's generally or just no HIIT) and have you done any weight training before?
For now, I'm going to be conservative and recommend you to start with a 10 minute moderate exercise to gauge your fitness. If you're finding it easy then move onto a 30 minute intense one. Otherwise, work in building your strength to avoid injury.
Get going now!! Train hard but don't forget to have a bit of fun.

28 Sep
Hi Claudia :) hw are u doing. . Well I hvnt done any weight training xercise till date...I used to walk around 1 mile (:( knw its pretty less!) Once every week but stopped doing it.. Yeah .so tell me wch 10 min session shld start with I hve been doing minor xercise like 10 situps from ydy onward s. Sorry I just started recently
28 Sep
Hey, I'm good thanks. And you? Maybe try the Full Body Feel Good? I mostly do intense workouts so I don't know all the moderate intensity ones that well. But this one shouldn't be too tough. Let me know how it goes