Starting and not seeing results. Need motivation

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Oct 3, 2013 9:22pm
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Hi, ive never posted online before. But ive been exercising for about three weeks two of which were intense and havent lost any weight. I need to lose 54 pounds in total and I just gave up this week and junked out. :(
I would really appreciate if anybody has anything to motivate me?

03 Oct
It starts with your mind set. Try and self motivate. It's been hard for me too... Once I gave in and did excersize , the better I felt , more energy I had too. I also tried to eat out less and pack healthier choices like nuts, fruit, veggies, yogurt. .. Good stuff still but better choices. Eat more often but less portions. Once you hit the two or three week period, you'll see results!! But only if u push urself everyday to do something. Anything Is better than nothing,.. By that I mean if u don't feel like running...
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Oct 4, 2013 1:37am
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I was eating healthy, nothing but whole foods, no sugar, no junk. I was exercising. 3 months go by, no weight loss. I'm slightly overweight, so that was part of my goal.

I was probably getting healthier, but I wanted to also shed a few pounds.

I came to the realization that all the healthy food and exercise weren't going to change my weight if i was eating too many calories.  Exercise and cutting calories makes your body want to eat more, your body wants to stay the same.

so I started tracking calories I eat and burn with myfitnesspal and saw results within a week.

It's pretty simple if you stick to logging your entries honestly. I've got my weekly loss goal set at 1kg per week and lost like 2~3 kg in week 1. Which makes me think the calculations are a bit off but hey that's okay it made me feel better about how I was actually over my calorie goal by at least 100 everyday, and over 1000 on the weekend!

After I do it a few more weeks I'll be able to see how things actually affect my body and dial in my personal habits to better align with my goals. I honestly don't want to lose too much too quickly.

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Oct 4, 2013 2:50pm
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If you're just starting you've probably gained muscle mass which makes you put on weight. If you're getting fitter then that means you've lost some fat, gained some muscle and increased fitness over the last 3 weeks.

So that's cause for congratulations! Keep it up! You can do it as long as you continue to put in the effort!

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Oct 4, 2013 2:53pm
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As my avatar says when you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe you will be successful.  Be patient consistent and disciplined and you will get there

04 Oct
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Oct 4, 2013 3:53pm
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Are you sure you don't see result?
Your workout didn't become easier?
Don't you feel better?
Because loosing weight takes monthes and don't forget that you become stronger with your workout so you are gaining muscle and muscle is heavier than fat
So stay focus !
You can make it but you need time
3 weeks is maybe too short to see real results

04 Oct
That's a great outlook! Results aren't just the numbers on the scale!
04 Oct
Thanks that great advice! :)