Can I win my bet with my niece?

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Oct 9, 2013 7:21am
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From past years I've been gaining belly fat and I have started working on it. I have bet with my niece that I'll burn the belly fat by December. I need suggestions and tips on how I can burn faster. Thanks

09 Oct
Throw your scale out the window Noooooooo junk foods fried foods and don't look in the mirror because if you don't see results in a well your gonna want yo crack it so don't look until December and you'll be pleased P.S. stay motivated and you got my support and I'm 14 lol
09 Oct
I'm not looking in mirror, I've cut down fried foods. I've not seen scale from weeks. The work out is going good from past three days. Hopefully I'll keep getting motivated from people over here.
09 Oct
That's great keep up the good work and I wish you well on your goal!! and kudos to that belly fat