Feeling guilty for taking a rest day?

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Oct 13, 2013 2:17am
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This is something that I continually struggle with. It's important to understand that eventually we need to stop and give our muscles time to heal. Another reason some may feel guilty is because in our head we believe that if we stop even for one day, that we will stop forever, but I have a solution. Just because we are having a "rest day" does not mean that we have to be inactive, make plans with a friend, clean the house, or whatever keeps your mind from wondering back to that guilt. Keeping your self disciplined is the key, do you want to look good? Feel good? Than don't quit, but also give your self some rest.

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13 Oct
I need this -i feel guilty sometimes when i take a rest day. Although i train hard &mean....u would figure i will be comfortable with a rest day.but nope! :D thanks again
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Oct 14, 2013 9:28am
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You wouldn't believe what rest could do to improving your results. When I first started working out with my brother we worked out everyday. For about 4 months. However we seen very belittle results we did all kinds of workouts an ate right. It wasn't till I got serious in a relationship an cut out a couple days out of the week just for her an family was when I actually notices great gains! Since then I tell everyone to not over work out an its ok to take rest days!