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Oct 23, 2013 2:35am
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When I work out, I usually feel very light headed. I feel like all the blood is rushing to my head and it makes me feel like I'm gonna pass out. I'm 5'4. 19 years old. And weigh 155:( I'd also like to know what I can do to eventually get rid of my belly. It's the grossest thing to me and I get so depressed and sometimes will eat thinking I will cheer up. I just want advice to the dizziness and help with my diet and some fat burning advice. The top part of my stomach is the biggest and it's weird looking :(
23 Oct
The same thing happens to me. If you're anemic you may need an iron supplement. Also, i get motion sickness. I find that if I drink Gatorade it helps and I take iron since I'm a vegetarian. As for motion sickness, I avoid running and do things like kickboxing instead. You can't lose fat in just one part of the body but you can build muscle in that area but doing workouts targeted for abs. As for diet advice: my advice is not diet you have to make a lifestyle change. Don't eat or drink processed stuff and eat as...
23 Oct
Thank you so much for the advice! Definitely will take iron and eat more veggies and fruit. I haven't are fruit in awhile and not as many veggies as I should! Hopefully this helps! :)
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Oct 23, 2013 5:21am
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I forgot to mention to be careful with iron supplements as you can overdose on iron. Look up the amount you should be taking daily online and only take that much. I have to cut my iron pills in half because they're over twice as much as I need.

23 Oct
Oh wow! Thanks lol. Google can be good! :)
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Oct 23, 2013 5:43am
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Starting anything without a doctor's advice can have a negative effect.first consult your doctor.you need to know the root cause of your problems..Google is a nice thing...but to see all the aspects of a condition you should consult your doctor.