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Oct 29, 2013 6:29pm
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this is the second time that I'm trying to get into a rhythm of exercising I was wondering if anybody could help me get a routine down

like what type of exercises should i do each day like I know you're supposed to work out 1 part of your body one day and then work out the next part of your body the next day could someone help with some exercises

and should I do the same ones every time or should I make some up???

Any ideas please

30 Oct
Its really 80% nutrition, 20% exercise and 100% need to get into a routine of cardio a few times a week along with core strengthening. But you also need to look at what your eating! I'm a personal health coach and a teacher in the schools...I love helping people! Are those your babies?
30 Oct
Yes those are my babies i dont really eat much at all two waffles in am and then supper witch varys from soup to chilli to pretty much any thing. And then a small cup of vinnila icecream plain
30 Oct
Also wat exersises are cardio?