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Nov 4, 2013 4:06pm
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Anyone use a personal trainer.....did it help more than doing this on your own?

05 Nov
It helps using a trainer as there is more commitment due to the checking in process i think
05 Nov
If u r a beginner trainer is must
05 Nov
Thx for the post Matthew I agree, my only problem is having someone to watch my kids:(. I really gotta get this train going or never gonna make any progress.
05 Nov
The other option is to have an online trainer that you check in with. Gives you someone to be accountable to but lets you do the workouts at home or around your kids. The act of checking in will give you additional motivation
05 Nov
It doesn't have to be an actual trainer, just a buddy
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Nov 21, 2013 11:40pm
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How is your training going?

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Nov 21, 2013 11:47pm
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Make sure you do your research on your trainer thoroughly, especially if they are through a big company gym. When I was a trainer at la fitness, about 90 percent of the trainers there were not certified in anything besides the latest issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine. Make sure they are certified in a legit company. You can go into the company website to see if it's legit also. And if they try to push product like Advocare on you, their interest usually lies in themselves and not your health. A good trainer will tell you what to eat, not push products for profit. Supplements should do just that. ..supplement an already awesome diet.

22 Nov
I agree! I had 1 at 1 time but she tended not to want to work with me cause I wasnt buying any of the programs from beach body. So be careful!
22 Nov
For sure. I see too many trainers not even paying attention to their clients. Just tonight, I saw a trainer with a client who was on his phone while the client struggled away on a machine. Oh, and just personal experience, a good personal trainer will not put you on a machine. Ever. Cable machines are okay, I'm talking about the mechanical isolation machines

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