Need Help Toning Up!

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Nov 9, 2013 5:23pm
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I'm 22, a mother to two beautiful kids 3 years and 6 months BOTH by c-section. I have zero sensation from my ribs to my waistline. I need an effective workout to tighten and tone my stomach without the need to be able to flex my muscles...since I can't feel if they are flexing or just hanging out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

09 Nov
First up..congrats for the kids and wish them and you great health...I might seem a little young for giving advice to a young mother..however i must tell you what i know and probably will do in my life after having a kid..first up..enjoy being a mother..if you are breastfeeding or even if 5 times a day instead of smaller portions of food but veggies and other healthy foods, fruits instead of sweets...if u have time..start running programs ..after you run (jog) crunches ..there are hundreds of exercises for abs..but you better do cardio before you start tonning...
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Nov 10, 2013 8:41am
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Maybe stationary stabilizing exercises?... they engage the core. You can hold something heavy over your head and keep good posture. When I did this I just used water bottles. I would just sit up straight and hold it up while watching a video or something. I think standing was supposed to be more effective? (this was a while back)

I never did it but there was a more complicated but also more effective one of using a pvc pipe filled like 3/4 with water and sealed on both ends. Standing and holding that above your head, rotating it to various orientations, because of the corrections necessary when the weight shifts, engages the stabilizing core even more.

Planks also are good stationary core exercises.

That's all I can think of. It's difficult for me to understand your situation but it seemed like stationary exercises might be the alternative to traditional ab exercises like crunches/situps that you're looking for