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Nov 19, 2013 5:03am
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There is a reason that everyone has to get bigger, faster, or stronger and each of us has a story that builds up to this point. So when you look I'm the mirror and see your self ask yourself... Is this how I really wanna be both physically and mentally? Did you say no or did you just say hell no I'm not? If you said yes then you shouldn't be reading this. If you ever wanna change then YOU have to take that first step. Yes its nice to have support but all in all if you don't have a hunger to do better and be better you won't ever get better. If that fire starts to die then you have to relook at why you started... Everyone here has "goals" but when you think about it a goal should never be a stopping point or finish line it should be a check point. So by all means set goals but don't ever stop pushing. Even if its doing pushups for a min but you only make it 45 secs don't stop modify it and keep pushing you have to dig down and push... even if your "shovel" is broken or tiny it'lo keep digging if you keep moving it .