16 kg in 2 months ?

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Dec 1, 2013 1:06pm
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Hello everyone
i have lost 16kg in 2 months (99 to 83) with a good diet and thanks to this application. i feel more health and more happy but thinking if it too fast ?
want to heard your opinions

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Dec 1, 2013 1:37pm
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As long as your not starving urself and doing proper cardio u should be fine

01 Dec
i am running 2 hour everyday ( 1 hour for morning 1 hour evening ) and swimming 15 min twice in week. and going to gym every 3 day in week
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Dec 1, 2013 1:43pm
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First of all: congratulations on you awesome loss!

I think you are losing a little too fast but this probably depends on your BMR. 2 kg a week seems a bit too much but if you have had a massive change in diet from unhealthy to healthy, it may be reasonable. I'm pretty sure the recommended max weight loss per week is 1 kg. Would you happen to know your average daily calorie intake vs your burn rate through exercise? Those figures will make it much easier to make a recommendation. Because if you've been eating 2100+ kcal a day and just exercising tons, you may just have a happy metabolism.

Very roughly, based on you past and current weight, I'd say you should be eating a minimum of 1,500 kcal. 1800 to be safe. Then if you're exercising and still losing quickly, you can consider increasing your intake.There are lots of food apps out there though which can give you a much better idea than I can.

01 Dec
i fix my eating habbit. i start to eat as much as i want at breakfast and not eat real food until dinner ( anytime i feel a little hungry i ate salad and fruits ) and eat dinner before 8 and after 8 i never eat any real food just fruits. i started to make running each day 2 hours. 1 hour after my breakfast and 1 hour after my dinner. and swim 15 20 min twice in week. and going to juijitsu as fitnessgym 3 times in week. weekends are my dance and club time :-)
01 Dec
It sounds as if you are eating really healthy and exercising a good bit. Have a solid meal for lunch though. It's never a good idea to skip meals. Also, fruits do have a lot of sugar, so don't go overboard on them. (Some med friends told me about a woman who was eating healthy food only and couldn't lose weight. Turns out she'd eat around a kg of grapes a day which was making her weight loss impossible.) Veggies are probably a safer snack option. Really really great work on the food!
01 Dec
most importantly i quit using ANY souce ( ketchup , mayonez( white souce i dont know its english) , salad souces ) and quit drinking cocacola/pepsi. and start to drink 1 glass of green tea each day and drink carrot or orange juice with my food. and i am not using elevator when i am getting down from my house ( of course i am using it to go up (6th floor ) but not for going down )

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