Motivation & Confidence?

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Dec 9, 2013 5:56am
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Finding it hard to get motivated to go for runs and do work out sessions.

My house is above shops so I cant work out during the day and not to mention the amount of people everywhere!

Can anyone help with some motivational tips and ways to NOT dislike exercising around lots of other people? Hehe

Thanks in advanve :)

09 Dec
A great self-motivator is the fact that when you go to the gym, you (like everyone else there) are sharpening ourselves. Like iron striking iron, from jus getting start to having years of experience, we shape each other. no reason to Be self conscious, not only do you tone your body, we are also strengthening our minds! Think of the gym as a sanctuary! Like church is for the soul, gym is for the body!
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Dec 9, 2013 6:01am
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Many people are self conscious at first working out in front of others. This is understandable. Exercising is sort of a personal thing, getting your sweat on and pushing yourself isn't exactly something people want to do in public.

As you do it more often it becomes natural and you don't think twice about it. It becomes lifestyle. Throw on your favorite music, find a workout buddy if you can, and go at it!