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Dec 10, 2013 5:52am
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I have really bad back problems. I do back exercises all of the time and it helps but I'm not able to figure out workouts to help all of the muscles in my back. Suggestions? I just have weak muscles in my back that need to be toned.

10 Dec
You can try yoga it help you to get a strong back and a good posture
10 Dec
Remember issues in your low back often involve weakness in all your core stabilizers. You should like for exercises for your low back such as prone extensions and alternating arm and leg exercises while on all fours. Planks(forward and side) along with drawing in breathing exercises can also be good(basically you try and suck in your stomach and hold it in). One common mistake people with back issues fail to address is hip and glute(you butt) strengthening. They are both major contributors to core strength. As a Physical Therapist I would recommend consulting with a local therapist in your area...
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Dec 10, 2013 6:49pm
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I have a pretty messed up back also. I haven't found something that really helps. Yoga does help but also make sure you drink alot of water too. I realized the more I drank the better my back got. Didn't relieve all the pain but it does help. Of you find anything that really helps please let me know =)